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Thinking About a Work-Study Job? Rachel Caffery ‘21 Shares Her Experience

Rachel Caffery ‘21, bioengineering, lifeguard at Taylor Gym and office worker in the Intramural Sports Office at Grace Hall

How did you find your Work-Study position at Lehigh? 

Usually before the start of the semester, people [who work] in different departments across campus that have available positions will send mass emails, so that’s one way.  But I also talked to my financial aid counselor about the different opportunities and then reached out to Campus Athletics about lifeguarding, since that was my part-time job before I came to Lehigh, so I thought it would be good for me.  

What do you like most about your position?

I like working in the office more because it is fun to see everyone coming to play in Greek life or different clubs [Students involved in Greek life various clubs frequently participate in intramural sports that take place in Grace Hall], and when there is down time I’m able to do my homework, which I obviously couldn’t really do lifeguarding because I have to watch the pool at all times.

Any tips or recommendations for students who will be taking on a work-study position in college?

Try to get a job that has at least some down time for you to do your homework! It’s really nice to have the flexibility if you can find it when you’re spending so many hours a week there sometimes. But, also get one with good people. I have made a lot of new friends over the years through work study that I have become really close with, along with my bosses! If you don’t like a position you take on one year, you can always seek out new opportunities for the next semester and branch out.

Interested in a work-study job at Lehigh? For more information about federal work-study or institutionally funded work opportunities, visit Lehigh’s financial aid website.