Getting Back to the Lehigh We Love: Looking Forward to Being With Students

With widespread vaccination making the resumption of campus life possible, the “Getting Back to the Lehigh We Love” series highlights perspectives on what our community most looks forward to. Linda Lowe-Krentz, Professor and Chair of Biological Sciences, shares.

What activities did you miss?
I miss working with students in my research laboratory, or just sitting around a table and talking about our data and ideas for new experiments. 

What are you excited to do more of?
I am excited to discuss data, ideas, student work, etc., with students, and also with my colleagues.  We used to have impromptu discussions in the hallways, each other's offices, and in somewhat more planned settings.  It is hard to have the same sort of idea exchanges when you have to depend on pre-arranged Zoom meetings. I'm equally excited to do less of the online work that has been our mainstay for the past year plus.
-Linda Lowe-Krentz, Professor and Chair of Biological Sciences
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