The Linderman Library study spots in the rotunda room.

Lehigh’s Best Study Spots

It's Sunday and you have a stack of work to do that has been growing for the past two days. It is time to focus and get started. You have to decide where to spend the next five hours hunkered down working, and you have a lot of good options among Lehigh’s best study spots. 


You can never go wrong with the STEPS building, or as it’s more formally known: the Science, Technology, Environment and Policy Studies building. This is a building that holds environmental science, and various other STEM classes, but it is welcome to all. With floor-to-ceiling windows giving you a view of campus, you can still appreciate the beauty of the day while you're inside. There are several study spots in the building that have tables and chairs set up so you can combine a few for some group work, or spread yourself out and take on the tasks solo. 


When your school library doubles as a backdrop for wedding photos, that means it must be stunning. Linderman Library is a gorgeous building, offering many different locations to study. In the rotunda you can be surrounded by books and see the famous stained glass ceiling. Choosing one of the study nooks embedded in the rotunda will give you the privacy and seclusion you need if you are in a time crunch. You can also pick the main floor of Linderman Library, which still has some great architectural views. The open floor plan allows you to see who else is there and say hi to friends if you need a pick-me-up or a little socialization to break up your day. 


While at first Fairchild-Martindale Library may seem like the drab step-sister to Lindy, but  it has its own charm. The library is a decent place to be and the perfect spot to study. The private rooms you can reserve are one of the best features. Each room has a large table with chairs and a white board. You can work in groups or just hang out with a few friends who want to study together. The white board can double as a place to work out problems or play the occasional game of hangman. The library also houses The Grind cafe, offering pastries, sandwiches, coffee and more. 

FML courtyard 

If the weather permits and your computer is charged, the FML courtyard is a great place to work. You can get some vitamin D and mark some tasks off your to-do list. The courtyard is  right outside the doors to the library and offers a nice change of scenery after being inside. The tables set up are not where I would go if I had an assignment due in the next 15 minutes, but for class readings or prolonged assignments, it is a casual place where you will be able to see what’s happening on campus. Stop at Johnny's Bagels and pick up a bagel, then hit the courtyard and knock out some work. It doesn’t  sound like a bad day in the slightest, even if you are just doing homework. 

Williams Greenhouse 

Formally known as  Torcivia  Greenhouse, this glass enclosure attached to Williams Hall is the perfect solution if the weather isn’t cutting it, but you still long to be outside. With windows covering the whole building, you can sit back in safety as you watch the rain come down on the greenhouse walls, or get all the sunshine you need while still being indoors. Williams Hall itself also has some good study spots. Built in 1903, the building now has a modern interior with good lounge space to work. It houses the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs and has a cafe.