Amber Bierly headshot outside.

Lehigh Launch: Respect for different cultures and lifestyles

The “Lehigh Launch'' series highlights first semester students' experiences  learning about the literature, earth and environment, and peoples of Wyoming and New Mexico in Fall 2021. Amber Bierly ’25, currently enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences as a possible Earth and Environmental Sciences major, shares their experience.

​​Hometown: Raleigh, NC

What drew you to Lehigh Launch?: Being a part of a small group of students living and learning in the American West.

What did you like most about Lehigh Launch?: Seeing new towns full of different cultures and lifestyles.

What was the best thing you learned?: Respect for different cultures and lifestyles.

What is a fun fact from the trip?: Many of the herbs we use in cooking come from the mint family!

What is something you wish you knew before you packed your bags?: Pack lightly and use a rolling suitcase.